How to Choose the Right Pool Builder For Your New In-Ground Swimming Pool

Financing Options

Let’s talk tips for making pool ownership affordable.

Pool ownership is not just for the rich and famous.

It is one of the most affordable and accessible recreational activities in the United States. From above ground pools to custom built in-ground pools, there is a pool for every budget and every circumstance. Pools are the kind of investments that provide enjoyment for you and your family for as long as you own your home.

They have the hallmarks of all great home improvements – they add value, enhance livability and beauty, and create a perfect gathering spot for family and friends.

Of course, costs can vary widely depending on your setting, pool type, equipment, water features, and amenities.

You can own a pool with a manageable monthly payment.

Finding a pool company knowledgeable about financing is key to making your backyard dream an affordable reality. Working with a reputable and respected pool financing specialist who understands your needs is vital.

Don’t let sticker shock keep you from getting the pool of your dreams. Financing a pool is just like financing a car or any other major purchase. A seemingly overwhelming sum can be easily broken down into manageable monthly payments.

A simple online financing application is available to get you started. We have two financing options for you: Paramount and Lyon Financial.

Apply Now with Paramount Capital

Learn about your financing options and start the application process:

Paramount Capital is part of the Paramount Pool & Spa Systems family. Paramount Capital is a service provided to all customers working with an approved Paramount pool builder. They’ll help you find and obtain sound financing solutions for your backyard dreams. They provide each customer with program details and guidance to facilitate the best financing option for their individual goals.

Pools, spas and water features are not only beautiful and fun, but they can also add value of your home.

At Paramount Capital, they help make your dreams a reality.

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Apply Now with Lyon Financial

Financing is also available through Lyon Financial for 20 year pool loans.

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