Service Rates and Info

Good Service Doesn’t Just Happen

This is were you’ll find our service rates and info. If you have questions, please give us a call or stop by one of our three locations.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any scheduled service appointment needs to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.  We reserve the right to charge a minimum service charge if cancelled after 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Flat Rate Services

  • Closing and Winterizing Spas (Drain, Blow & Antifreeze)


  • Drain and Clean Spa


  • Drain, Clean & Refill Spa


  • Open Spa


  • Sand Filter Media Change (Recommended every 3 years or as needed):

    • 19” Tank – $233.03
    • 21” Tank – $325.05
    • 24” Tank – $376.06
    • 30” Tank – $482.12
  • Zeobrite Filter Media Change (Recommended every 3 years or as needed):

    • 19” Tank – $262.74
    • 21” Tank – $396.23
    • 24” Tank – $489.72
    • 30” Tank – $690.19

Flat Rate Service is also available for Hot Spring Spa equipment replacements. Please contact us for further information.

Service Warranty Policy

All repair work is warranted for labor for six months from date of completion. New Parts and Equipment are subject to manufacturer specifications and warranties.
This warranty is automatically null and void if either of the following applies:

  1. Payment is not received upon services rendered.
  2. Misuse, abuse, or neglect by customer, including chemical imbalance.

Customer Satisfaction/Billing Policies

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Our goal is your complete satisfaction.  in the event that a job is not satisfactorily completed, please notify our service department within 48 hours so that we can look into the matter and resolve it quickly.  If you do not bring the issue to our attention, we cannot correct the situation and consequently will be not be able to issue any credits.

Billing Policy

We reserve the right to charge a $25.00 fee or 1.5% / month late fee to all accounts not fully paid within 30 days of the service completion date. After 75 days, any unresolved completed service invoices will be sent to collections.  Any collection fees incurred in the collections process will be the customer’s responsibility to pay. Returned checks will be charged a $35.00 fee. All accounts using credit cards, for any service performed by Arvidsons, will be charged the balance if not paid in full upon services being rendered.