Family Togetherness: You’ll discover water is an essential component to your family’s summer fun.


Entertainment: Who needs a vacation when you have ready-made fun and relaxation in the backyard?


Wellness: Your pool is the perfect place for swimming laps, lifting water-weights, doing water yoga or playing with the kids.


Backyard Beauty: A swimming pool enhances the ambiance of your backyard – it’s essential backyard living.


Work Life Balance: Relieve every day stress in the swimming pool.

The Swimming Pool Lifestyle

Everyone knows that water is essential to life. Many families are discovering water is an essential part of enhanced modern living.

They find water is an integral part of the swimming pool lifestyle.

When you decide to add a swimming pool to your home it becomes the center point for an entirely new lifestyle that includes family togetherness, wellness, work­-life balance, entertainment and beauty.

The swimming pool is often the center of family activity during the summer, plus it’s a great place for parties and friends to hang out.

Make the Right Investment

At Arvidson Pools & Spas, we believe that the right investment in a swimming pool has the potential to lift a routine home improvement project to a transformative self-improvement experience.

Have you ever noticed how many advertisements for luxury vacations include images of swimming pools?  Then, have you ever asked yourself why?

It’s because swimming pools have been the hallmark of ultimate luxury, tranquility, health, beauty, relaxation and fun all the way back to Ancient Roman civilizations.

Add a Pool for Relaxation

In short, pools are the perfect antidote to today’s busy and stressful lifestyles.

When you think about it, how many investments or purchases can you make that provide as many benefits as a pool?

Consumer surveys confirm that most pool owners feel the decision to own a pool is one of the best family oriented decisions they ever made. They only regret they didn’t act sooner.

When it comes to investing in a swimming pool, the same purchase provides:

  • physical fitness
  • in-home entertainment
  • family togetherness
  • lasting memories
  • an all-round escape from daily pressures.

No matter what type of pool you select, it will provide years of lasting benefits and rewards.

Image: Bill McNeal