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Enjoy an Endless Summer with Hydropool Swim Spas

The Perfect Swim, The Perfect Solution

Hydropool Swim Spas provide the perfect way to swim every day.  Whether you are a serious swimmer looking for a way to train all year long or a family looking for a backyard getaway, our products provide the best possible solution for all your needs.

Self-Cleaning Feature Makes It Easy

The exclusive self-cleaning system cleans 100% of the water every 40 minutes!  This system cleans across the surface, across the floor and through optimized water filtration on a continuous basis.  Also, it does the work so you can enjoy the water without the fuss!

Energy Efficient?  You Bet!

Our HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology, energy-efficient components, and thick hardcover keep operating costs to a minimum all year long.  Because it’s smaller than a conventional pool, our Swim Spas require less chemicals, less maintenance and less energy to heat and operate.

The Perfect Swim Flow

Swimmers appreciate the customizable swim current so you can vary the flow of water and adjust the swim intensity of the swim jets.

From Novice to Triathlete, you are in charge of the pace. This means you won’t be forced out of the swim lane and you’ll enjoy a smooth swim every time, all the time.

Safe & Fun

The swim spa design is child-friendly with sides that are always within reach.  Just turn off the current in the swim channel, and you have a splash pool.  Turn the current on, attach a harness to the new AquaPlay Anchor, and you have a built-in wave pool for Boogie boarding!

Fitness in Your Own Backyard

Swimming isone of the best cross training exercises you can perform.  It reduces the possibility of injury to the body, while it also builds lean muscles and a strong heart.

Accessories such as tethers, a rowing machine and resistance bands give you ultimate versatility in your fitness regimen.

To Conclude

Finally, want more information about installing a new HydroPool Swim Spa in your backyard?  Download our free Buyer’s Guide for answers to more in-depth questions about Swim Spa ownership.  Stop by our Crystal Lake store to see it in person!

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The individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind.



The family fun pool with all the exercise benefits at an affordable price.



The world’s first self-cleaning swim spa that is perfect for the individual athlete.

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