Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Thinking about an above ground swimming pool?  You’re not alone.

Above ground pools provide relief from summer heat and are easy to manage and maintain. Furthermore, they cost less to install and operate. They also require less backyard space.

If you want to enjoy a backyard pool without investing a lot of time and money, an above ground pool is a terrific option. Plus, above ground swimming pools can have many of the same features of an inground pool!

Choose from Doughboy and Radiant Pools in a variety of swimming pool shapes, sizes, liner colors and patterns!

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Here’s why we love above ground pools:

Quick Installation

Above ground pools are usually installed quickly. Since there’s no hole to dig in your backyard, most pools can be installed in under a week and often times in just one day.

Cost Savings

An above ground pool simply costs less. You end up saving money as compared to the cost of installing an inground pool.

Consequently, you spend less on chemicals and maintenance because your pool is smaller. In addition, you spend less heating your pool because there’s less water to heat.

Solid Construction

Above ground pools are strong, rustproof and built with good looks in mind. Today’s above ground pools are stronger, sturdier, and longer-lasting than ever. Interested in swimming and relaxing in your new backyard pool? Give us a call or stop by to discuss you many above ground pool options and features.

Location Choices

You can easily choose a location in your backyard since above ground pools come in different sizes.

You Can Take It With You

If you move, you can take the pool with you. If you don’t like where you initially placed the pool, again, you can move it!

Family Time

Family bonding is easy in a swimming pool. Why? There are no electronics allowed!

A pool provides the right atmosphere for sharing, discussing the day and star-gazing. Plus, it’s a great place for your kids to bring their friends on a hot summer’s day!

why choose an above ground pool

Getting Started

One of your first decisions is deciding what shape and size pool best fits your backyard. This is where our pool gallery comes into consideration.

When it comes to size, this depends on how much space you have. The smallest pools are 15 to 18 feet in diameter and the largest can go up to a 30 foot round or 18 x 36 foot oval! The height of a pool ranges from 48” to 52”.

You’ll find the shapes of above ground pools to typically look like this:

  1. Oval pools maximize available yard space. They make it easy for you to swim laps, play water basketball or volleyball and other family sports.
  2. Round pools are easy to install. In addition, they provide more pool for the money you spend.

Have a small family? Don’t entertain large groups? A smaller pool is probably right for you. But, if you have a larger family or plan on having six or more people in the pool, look for at least a 24′ pool.

Since above ground swimming pools come in different sizes, you make sure you have one big enough for your family, or if you want, you can have a bigger one for larger groups.

Plus, you can add steps, a diving board and more with your above ground pool!

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