Healthier Holiday Season

5 Tips for A Healthier Holiday Season

This time of year, your hot tub provides a peaceful respite from the normal hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Of course, it’s important during the rest of the year, too. But during the holidays, it is a place to go for calm, quiet moments. They can rejuvenate you and return you to your holiday plans refreshed and ready to go.

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Year End Hot Tub Sale Provides Perfect Timing and Opportunity

Year End Hot Tub Sale Provides Perfect Timing and Opportunity

Have you waited longer than you’ve wanted before buying that beautiful, new hot tub?

“I should have done this years ago” is one of the comments we hear most frequently from current hot tub owners.  Well, the classic Nike slogan sums it up best, “Just Do It.” Our year end hot tub sale is here!

You’ll discover that 20 minutes a day in the warm water of a Caldera Spas hot tub soothes sore muscles, improves sleep, relieves stress, and provides many other health benefits.

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close pool

5 Pool Closing Tips

Have you ever removed your pool cover to discover a pool of green, slimy water?  Algae is one of the oldest organisms on earth (think dinosaur days) and it is tenacious.  So what can pool owners do to avoid this?  Proper water treatment is the single, most important step you can take to have a clear pool when you open the following spring.

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Sign Up for Pool Closing School 2019

Getting ready to close your pool? Come to Arvidson’s Pool Closing School and learn how to do it right!

You’ll get all the information you need for a successful pool closing including how to check the equipment before closing it down for the season, drain and winterize the lines, and properly install the winter cover. Here’s all the info you need to sign up for pool closing school 2019. Read more

School Pool School

Back to School…Pool School That Is

The kids are back in school, tree leaves are starting to turn yellow, and there’s a different feeling in the air.

It’s time for pool owners to get back to school too!  Our hands-on workshop helps you navigate the proper way to close your swimming pool.  Read more