We are seeking Construction Workers to join our team!

Looking for a fast paced job, helping build some of the most beautiful pools in the area? We’re currently looking for construction workers for a crew that works together to complete a variety of swimming pool construction projects.


The purpose of this position is to provide skilled labor services on construction job sites that support the production goals of the Swimming Pool Construction Division.


Performs a variety of construction specific tasks.

  1. Attends daily “huddles” (five-10 minute planning meetings).  Works with Construction Superintendent and Project Managers to ensure a broad understanding of weekly and daily production plans.
  2. Ensures safety and security procedures are followed on construction sites, in company vehicles, and company property.
  3. Follows company procedures to load and unload materials, tools, and equipment as needed.
  4. Maintain clean and orderly conditions on construction sites.  Remove debris, garbage, and dangerous materials from sites.
  5. Assemble and breakdown temporary structures, forms, scaffolding.
  6. Prepare construction sites in preparation for sub-contractors.
  7. Prepares job sites for assembly of swimming pool structures according to construction plans.
  8. Assembles swimming pool structures per company procedures and standards.
  9. Dig trenches, lay plumbing lines, and perform other construction site duties as needed.
  10. Plumb equipment lines and assemble equipment pads.
  11. Follow all health and safety regulations.
  12. Utilizes a combination of own judgment and knowledge of company policies and procedures in resolving jobsite problems and/or misunderstandings.
  13. Provide daily production updates to the Construction Superintendent and/or Project Manager.

Performs logistical tasks.

  1. Completes all paperwork (Daily Job Reports, time clock entries, etc.) and processes data in a timely (daily), thorough, and efficient manner.
  2. Participate in and contribute to production meetings with division leaders as required.
  3. Keep track of all job-related receipts and notes and submit them to the Accounting Office for processing.
  4. Coordinate with the Operations Team to ensure the timely performance of inventory cycle counts.
  5. Follow proper inventory control procedures regarding all product transfers and other inventory related transactions of the department on a daily basis.

Performs miscellaneous functions as requested/required:

  1. Assist in other projects such as deliveries and installations for other divisions as scheduled.
  2. Attend in-house meetings as requested.
  3. Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of company vehicles and equipment. Report maintenance and repair needs as they arise.
  4. Attend outside seminars, conventions, training events, etc., as necessary or as requested by the employer.
  5. May suggest, design, develop and if approved, new systems, processes, or methods related to the work of the division.
  6. Undertake various projects and/or work assignments as requested or assigned by the employer.


  • Competitive Wages (including commissions and bonuses for many positions)
  • Competitive Benefits
    • Health Insurance (employer portion 70%)
    • 401k Savings Plan (with employer match)
    • Flexible scheduling (for retail and office positions)
    • Paid vacations
    • Paid personal days
    • Employee discounts
    • Employer paid training programs
  • Advancement opportunities


This position is one of several members of a crew that works together to complete a variety of swimming pool construction projects.  This position reports directly to the Construction Superintendent, has daily contact with Project Managers, and frequent contact with the Vice President of Construction.  It may have contact with customers of the division, all other employees within the division, administrative and accounting staff members, and subcontractors.

The person in this position impacts on the image and professionalism of the corporation to all customers and the local market in general. This person represents the corporation as part of the on-going contact between customers and the company.  The position also impacts on the efficiency and morale of the employees of the department.

There is no particular number of years experience needed for this position, although apprenticeships and previous construction work is helpful.  The position works under moderate supervision by the Construction Superintendent and Project Manager.  The position is guided in the work by acquired technical knowledge as well as the objectives, policies, procedures, and precedents of the division. The incumbent in the position is expected to demonstrate an ability to learn and master construction skills necessary for the successful completion of company projects.  Sound judgment and integrity related to time management and production goals are required. Although Superintendent and Project Manager are readily available to assist in decision making, the incumbent is encouraged to think through decisions to be made and have some plan of action in thought before approaching them for assistance and is responsible for working successfully with other team members to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

The work of this position involves a high degree of physical labor.  Incumbents must be healthy, strong, and fit.  Able to lift and carry up to 100 lbs using proper safety techniques is required.  Knowledge of basic plumbing, electrical practices are helpful.  Willingness to learn new skills and construction techniques are necessary.  Ability to get along with others and work successfully in small teams is mandatory.  Must enjoy working outdoors in many weather conditions.  Common sense, well-organized, and ability to work under pressure are all essential.