We are seeking a Marketing and Customer Experience Specialist to join our team!


The purpose of this position is to provide customer relations support, fulfill the merged responsibilities of marketing/digital/customer service needs of the company, and perform a variety of marketing and customer care administrative tasks. Customer relations functions include monitoring web chat activity, receiving phone calls, solving callers’ problems, providing information, communicating with customers, and directing them to appropriate employees for a seamless customer experience. Performance of additional marketing tasks such as communicating with marketing partners and consultants, communicating with  media regarding programs/awards, and coordinating in-store promotion details/signage may be required.   Administrative tasks include maintenance of online platforms (webchat, CRMs, survey platforms, review sites), maintaining inventory of employee merchandise/business cards/flyers, etc.


  • Marketing Responsibilities
  • Work with web services providers to ensure Social Media and Online Reputation Management
  • e-Commerce/Digital Lead Management
  • Performs Customer Relations Functions
  • Performs administrative tasks
  • Performs other project-related activities as assigned or requested by the President.


  • Competitive Wages (including commissions and bonuses for many positions)
  • Competitive Benefits
    • Health Insurance (employer portion 70%)
    • 401k Savings Plan (with employer match)
    • Flexible scheduling (for retail and office positions)
    • Paid vacations
    • Paid personal days
    • Employee discounts
    • Employer paid training programs
  • Advancement opportunities


This position is one of seven reporting directly to the President. It has direct contact with a wide range of Division Managers, office staff, retail staff, sub-contractors, and some vendors.

The person in this position impacts on the image and professionalism of the corporation to all customers and the local market in general. This person represents the corporation as part of the on-going contact between customers and the company. The position has a major impact on the customers’ ultimate satisfaction with the company and their willingness to recommend all divisions of the company to others. The position also impacts on the efficiency, morale, and success of the employees and the company’s ability to reach its goals.

This position is a middle management position, requiring minimum supervision concerning the normal and routine activities of the department. The position is guided in the work by thorough technical knowledge as well as the objectives, policies, procedures, and precedents of the department. The incumbent in the position is expected to demonstrate sound judgment and integrity in decision-making as well as advanced problem-solving skills. Although Company Officers are readily available to assist in decision making, the incumbent is encouraged to think through decisions to be made and have some plan of action in thought before approaching them for assistance and is responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities of the position on own initiative and for setting own priorities within broad guidelines established by the President and the rest of the management team.

The work of this position requires broad marketing knowledge and some work experience in social media management and digital platforms. Creativity, strong writing skills, design instincts, and understanding of marketing concepts required. Knowledge of digital marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, Houzz, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are necessary. Strong interpersonal and communications skills are essential, as well as thoroughness, attention-to-detail, time management, honesty, integrity, kindness, positive attitude and poise. Common sense, organizational skills, and ability to work under pressure are all required. Previous customer service training/experience are highly desirable.