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Caldera Spas

The Utopia® Series by Caldera Spas

The Caldera Utopia Series features an exclusive combination of high-performance details.

This ends up providing you the most ideal personal care experience.

You’ll enjoy the best in hot tub comfort, design and performance. With seating options from six-eight, Utopia spas are easy to use.  In addition, they feature low operating costs,

All of this work to make them the preferred luxury spa.

Enjoy these features as well:

  • Seat geometry that enhances comfort and provides superior ease-of-use.
  • Two Euphoria® Jets in the foot-well can work independently or simultaneously to deliver the ultimate foot massage.
  • SpaGlo® zone lighting.
  • Speaker grill surface mounts are built into the shell, and contoured pillows provide comfortable neck support.
  • Deep foot ridges in the lounge seat provide more area for enchanting feet so you can enjoy the affects of the back jets.

Because we know you’ll enjoy this hot tub, we invite you to browse through the Caldera Spas Utopia Series. Then, stop by Arvidson Pools and Spas for your test soak!