Arvidson Service Technician Saves a Life

Arvidson Service Technician Saves a Life

Many of our customers are familiar with Lead Service Technician, Wade Loewe.

They appreciate his calm and friendly demeanor and his willingness to go above and beyond.

Although saving lives was never part of his job description, that’s exactly what happened on August 15, 2016.

In this article, we take a look at an Arvidson service technician who saves a life.

While driving back to the Crystal Lake shop to end their work day, Wade and fellow technician Adam O’Donnell, noticed a man slumped over on a bench in front of his house. They immediately came to his aid!

Acting quickly, Wade began to administer CPR while Adam called 911. Wade continued CPR until the paramedics arrived to transfer him to the hospital.

Milton Kool was treated for cardiac arrest and is now safely back at home.

Speaking of Wade, he said, “Without him, I would not be alive today. He and Adam did very gallant things to save my life and I am deeply grateful.”

Wade was grateful that he was certified in First Aid and CPR as part of Arvidson’s Safety Training program. We think the world is a much better place because of selfless humanitarians like Wade and Adam.

Pictured in photo: Wade Loewe, Milton Kool, Adam O’Donnell