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Why You’ll Love a Saltwater Hot Tub

Have you ever been in a swimming pool and noticed the soft feel of the water? If so, it was most likely a salt water pool which has been a growing trend in the pool industry over the past decade.  Salt water provides softer-feeling water and because the salt cells in a salt water system […]

The Perfect Pool Party – Life Hack #45

Summer is officially here (even if the temps seem to disagree)! Midwesterners know all about having to maximize the summer season. They are pros at taking advantage of every single warm sunny day that comes along.  Having a backyard pool gives you an obvious edge in hosting an awesome party.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Pool Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Pool owners in the Chicago-land area normally target Memorial Day Weekend to get their pool opened for the summer swimming pool season. Although cold temperatures and rain have lasted into May, the sun is sure to break through soon.  Now’s a great time to start the preparations.  Follow these three easy steps to get your […]