Planning Your Back to School Pool Party

planning your back to school pool party

We’re heading into the back to school season. While your kids may be sad to say goodbye to the freedom of summer, you can send them off with an epic back to school pool party.

This article is all about the planning so they have a time everyone will remember!

Create Amazing Invitations

Consider sending an “old-fashioned” paper invitation through the mail for the party. Kids don’t often get printed invitations.

Yet, they feel very special when they get one in the mail.

Plan our date and create some invitations. Make them festive. You can go with a simply pool party, or you can add a theme to it like Hawaiian luau. Or, you can even make your pool party have a theme.

The goal here is to set the mood and get creative. You might even send the invitations as a message in a bottle, although this might mean hand delivering them.

You set the tone for the party with the invitation.

Send the invitations as early as possible so everyone can attend!

Decorate the Pool Area

You set the tone with your invitations, and now you want to carry it through to your decorations. You want to decorate everywhere that your guests will be. This may be inside your house, outside by the swimming pool, in your pool house, or in your outdoor lounge area.

There are several easy things to add for decorations:

  • Hang lights to add ambiance. If you’re having a tropical party, add some Tiki lights. Or simply hang lights in your trees and around your outdoor area.
  • Color coordinate your plates, napkins, cups, and silverware.
  • Add streamers.
  • Grab some blow up decorations like palm trees.
  • Use fruit as centerpieces. For example, use pineapples and coconuts as bowls.
  • Fill a plastic pool with sand and add some pails and shovels so the kids can play in the and.
  • Give every guest a pair of flip flops.
  • Throw a bunch of balls in the pool.
  • Create a playlist to go with your theme. Most kids love loud, dance worthy music!

Be sure and decorate to your theme. For example, if you’re having a pirate party, choose the right decor to go with the theme. Check with your local dollar store or hobby store for inexpensive decorations.

Plan Some Games

Every party involving kids should have fun games!

Make a list of pool games and another list of dry land games. This way there are games for everyone to play. Consider setting up stations around the pool.

You might also need to organize the pool games to keep everything moving.

Create Your Menu

This is a kids’ pool party, so keep the menu kid-friendly. This might depend on the age of the party goers, but you can assume that kids and teens of all ages like chips and burgers!

You don’t have to stay there, though. As you create your menu, try to keep the menu to the theme of your party.

Finger foods are fun, and desert is a must.

You can also make a festive punch to go with your party theme. Do keep some water bottles in a cooler, especially if it’s hot.

Plan for Safety

Make sure you have a water watcher at all times. Safety is paramount, and an adult water watcher is your best bet.

You also want to have a first aid kit, life jackets, and flotation devices.

Make sure all the party-goers know your pool rules like no running, no food in the pool, and no rough housing around the pool.

Get Your Water Tested

Finally, you want to make sure your pool is crystal clear and safe for swimming.

Bring us a water sample and let us test it. Then, we can tell you everything you need to add to your pool to make it super safe and clean for swimming!

Final Thoughts

When you’re throwing your kids a back to school party and doing the planning, remember this is a great time to help all the kids make friends and reconnect before they go back to school.

Reach out to the school and see who is in your child’s class. Then invite all of the kids to the party.

You’ll find this goes a long way to making everyone feel more connected and friendly with one another. It helps to not leave anyone out and kick off the school year right!