Why a Small Pool May be Perfect for Your Backyard

Why a Small Pool May be Perfect for Your Backyard

Have you always wanted a swimming pool? You’ve dreamed about jumping in on a hot summer’s day, spending time playing with your friends, relaxing, and even swimming laps.

But perhaps you always thought your yard was too small or shaped too oddly to have a swimming pool. If you feel like an inground swimming pool just won’t work in your backyard, we’ve got great news! Let’s look at why a small pool may be perfect for your backyard and show you the perfect swimming pool.

Pools Don’t Have to Be Large

A smaller swimming pool doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun!

You can get just as much enjoyment from a small swimming pool as you would a large one. In fact, for many people, a sprawling pool isn’t the right answer.

You can still swim and get exercise in a small pool. And you can still entertain family and friends with a smaller swimming pool.

What’s more, you might find that it’s easier to maintain a small pool because there’s less pool to clean. You’ll also generally find that construction of a small pool is less costly then a bigger one.


Plenty of pool can enjoy your Plunge+ Pool!

Meet the Plunge+ Pool

We’re excited to let you know the Plunge+ Pool is the perfect swimming pool for small backyards.

The Plunge+ Pool is perfect for “plunging” into because there is no shallow or deep end. This pool has a consistent depth throughout.

This doesn’t mean your pool has less features or provides less fun, though. We can customize your swimming pool to your specifications.

We have three different sizes to choose from, so we can help you find the perfect size. We’ll utilize your backyard space efficiently instead of taking up the whole yard with a massive swimming pool.

What’s more, the Plunge+ Pool works with your budget as well as your space. You’ll find you’ll save money on construction as well as upkeep. The good news is also that we can install these pools in less time than a traditional pool!

You’ll also still enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of a swimming pool in your new Plunge+ Pool.

Final Thoughts

At Arvidson Pools and Spas, you’ll find a swimming pool that fits your lifestyle no matter the size or shape of your yard.

Whether you have an average size yard, an oddly shaped yard, or you want to keep more of your backyard space open, a Plunge+ Pool may be the answer you’re looking for.

We’re excited to talk to you about your dream swimming pool! Contact us today to start the conversation.