How to Plan More Effective Use of Chlorine This Season

Chlorine Shortage Don’t Panic

Earlier this month, news broke about a chlorine shortage. There are some things you can do to make better use of the chlorine in your swimming pool. In this article, we look at how to plan more effective use of chlorine this season.

What Can I Do to Lessen My Dependence on Chlorine?

Chlorine is more effective in perfectly balanced water. We recommend you test your water regularly and use other products to balance the water. This in turn makes your chlorine needs more manageable. Here are some useful tips to utilize this season:

  • Remember, it takes a lot more chlorine to fix algae issues/blooms than it does to prevent them. Stay on top of this with algaecides such as Banish, Algae All 60, Back-Up 2, and Algae Complete. Purchase more now and when temperatures go above 85 degrees, double your algaecide dose.
  • Optimizer Plus (not available for shipping )is an awesome product that keeps pH locked in, water looking crystal clear and allows chlorine to do its job better. Ask one of our water care experts about this product and how to apply it in your pool.
  • Don’t rely solely on chlorine to help break down organics such as oils, lotions, greases, and other non-living organic matter. -Instead, add an enzyme product to do that, freeing up chlorine to just sanitize.  Natural Result, Pool Juice 911, Pool Complete & Pool Juice Weekly are great for this.

BIO Chlorine Help SheetAre You Limiting Purchases?

At the present time we are only limiting purchases on a few chlorine products.

“We do ask that you only purchase what you need for this season, at the most.” said Marunde. “There is no good reason to stockpile years, or even month’s worth of chlorine products in your garage out of fear.”

Not only might this create a safety issue, it creates an unbalanced supply….

Did Prices Go Up?

A CNBC article suggested that  “chlorine prices are expected to spike 70% this summer, compared with last year” but Arvidson Pools & Spas has so far only raised pool chemical prices by a modest and necessary 10%.  While we cannot guarantee that this is the only price increase this season, we don’t foresee one in the immediate future.

This is again, our commitment to ensuring our pool customers have what they need without price gouging or taking advantage of marketplace conditions.  In fact, we recently launched the Arvidson Loyalty Rewards program which allows customers to earn store credits through their pool chemical purchases.

To Conclude

Thank you for supporting small business!

During these unprecedented times, we are reminded daily of how grateful we are to our customers for their continued loyalty and support of our family-owned businesses in Crystal Lake, Palatine, and St. Charles.

For 63 years, we have built our business based on simple, natural, and honest communications with our customers. We will continue to keep you informed with new updates every two weeks throughout the summer season.