Five-Point Cover Inspection Checklist

Five-Point Cover Inspection Checklist

Check out this Caldera Spas hot tub cover inspection checklist. It will help you quickly determine if your hot tub cover needs to be replaced. If any of the following apply to your cover, we highly recommend a genuine Caldera® Spas replacement cover.

Let’s look at the five-point cover inspection checklist.


These symptoms affect the safety, heat retention and beauty of your cover.

  • Dry
  • Brittle
  • Dirty
  • Torn
  • Cracked


You are risking the safety of your hot tub if your adjustable tie-down straps are not in good condition. Check the condition of your locking hardware.

  • Torn
  • Broken
  • Missing


Foam cores are critical to heat retention and safety. Cores can be replaced, but for covers over two years old, core replacement is not recommended.

  • Sagging indicates broken foam cores which can create gaps in the seal.
  • Puddles suggests broken or bowed cores that only get worse over time.
  • Heavy indicates cores have absorbed water.


Precious heat can escape if a hinge tear goes beyond the Heat Seal Shoe (approx. 2” from the outside edge).

  • Torn


The “shoes” seal the gap where the two halves of the cover come together, preventing heat loss at the hinge. (The shoe is the piece sandwiched
between the two sides.)

  • Torn
  • Damaged

To Conclude

If after you view the checklist, you decide you need to replace your cover, be sure to stop by one of our three locations. You can view our covers here>