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Thank you very much for contacting us. Nadine, Rob, or Autumn will get back with you shortly to share more about our swim spas that come in a variety of sizes and features as well as a range of prices.

Hydropools are our favorite way to stay fit. We appreciate your interest in Arvidson Pools & Spas and the Hydropool Swim Spas and look forward to helping you bring one home!

Here are our locations:

Crystal Lake Location
3209 South Route 31
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
Phone: (815) 459-0660
Fax: (815) 459-1733

Palatine Location
2222 Rand Road
Palatine, IL 60067
Phone: (847) 359-4490
Fax: (847)359-4492

St. Charles Location
(Hot Spring Spas of Fox Valley)
1880 Lincoln Highway
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: (630) 377-2655
Fax: (630) 377-2688

Thank You - HydroPool Swim Spas

The Perfect Getaway All Year Round

Swim Spas by Hydropool are the perfect way to swim every day.

Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. The swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level.

The AquaFlow Swim Jet Design provides a wider, deeper, smoother current and our tank design has no hidden obstacles like steps or benches for your feet to hit in the swim lane. This gives you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.

Ease of Ownership

The self-cleaning feature minimizes maintenance thus leaving you more time to get into the swim with family and friends. And what’s fantastic is you can install our swim spas yourself indoors or out.

Flexibility and Practicality

Whether it’s an AquaSport or AquaTrainer, you will enjoy the best of all worlds for fun and fitness. Swim Spas are the pool you didn’t think you had room for or afford. Our products will exceed your expectations while providing the best possible solution for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

The Swim Spa’s HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology with our energy-efficient components and our thick, energy conserving hardcover keeps operating costs to a minimum all year round. Being smaller than a conventional pool, our Swim Spas require less chemicals, less maintenance and less energy to heat and operate.