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Enjoy Life to the Fullest is Top 2016 Resolution

According to Money magazine’s annual survey, “enjoy life to the fullest” is the most popular New Year’s resolution, with nearly half (45.7%) of survey respondents planning to set this as one of their 2016 goals. Following right behind was: Live a healthier lifestyle (41.4%) Lose weight (39.6%) Spend more time with family and friends (33.2%) […]

7 Steps to the Perfect Spa

November is a Great Month to Drain, Clean & Refill Your Hot Tub – 7 steps to a Perfect Spa Bonfires, family gatherings, and grateful hearts are just a few of the things that make November special.  If you own a hot tub, you’d probably added soaking in warm water on a cool night to […]

Taking it Back

Many of you probably know that our family-owned business began in the 50’s, but you may not know that the company was the victim of massive theft in the 70’s and came close to dissolution. Arvidson President Dennis Marunde shared this personal story about taking it back in a recent interview with Pool & Spa […]

Annual PACE Conference

Arvidson President, Dennis Marunde, presents at the Annual PACE Conference. The PACE (Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise) met at the end of September 2015 to discuss a wide range of topics affecting the pool industry.

The Secret to Crystal Clear Water

Applying the right products to your pool or hot tub water helps you achieve a safe swimming environment with water that’s crystal clear and inviting. Our water care experts are available to help you determine what you need. Bring in a 12 oz. sample of water from your pool or hot tub and we’ll run […]