Does Your Hot Tub Help You Sleep Better?

Does Your Hot Tub Help You Sleep Better

Most healthcare professionals recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a night. To most of us that probably sounds like a luxury.

Whether your day starts with the rush to get kids off to school or a long commute to the office, odds are your wake-up time is earlier than you’d like. 

Sleep deprivation is taxing on your body. In addition to a weakened immune system, it can also negatively impact body weight and blood pressure.

In this article, we ask and answer the question, “Does your hot tub help you sleep better?”

The Answer is Yes!

Regular hot tub use is a great way to end the day.

When you “disconnect” from computer screens and electronics, you “reconnect” with yourself and significant others. A hot tub helps you wind down, relax, and encourages better sleep patterns.

We regularly hear back from hot tub users who rave about how well they are sleeping since they added a Caldera hot tub in their backyard.

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Why Does Your Hot Tub Help?

Spending time in your hot tub can help relax your body and your mind, preparing you for sleep. The water’s buoyancy helps decompress joints while the water temperature increases circulation and decreases blood pressure and heart rate.

You enter a relaxed state you can maintain until you go to bed.

Sleep is normally preceded by a drop in body temperature. As you soak in your hot tub, your body temperature increases.

After you leave the hot tub and settle in for the night, the body temperature you gained begins to normalize and decrease. That drop in core temperature signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep.

You can enhance that mechanism by assisting the cooling process by keeping your bedroom cool. The National Sleep Foundation suggests keeping your room between 60 and 67 degrees F.  It also helps to eliminate noise and other distractions.

What Else Helps?

There are many other tips to try in order to sleep better. Make sure you exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and try to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

For a longer list of science-based sleep tips, look through this Huffington Post article and see if any of the many suggestions make sense for you. Best of all, if you have a hot tub, use it before bed. If you don’t, maybe it’s time for a new investment in your overall well-being!

Final Thoughts

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