Ready to Close Your Pool? Follow These 5 Important Pool Closing Tips 

Swimming Pool by Arvidson

Looking for pool closing tips?

When colder temperatures begin to hit the Midwest, pool owners begin making the necessary preparations to close their pool for the winter season.

Follow these five important pool closing tips. You’ll find that you will also have an easier opening come spring:

#1: Don’t Close Your Pool if Warm Days Linger

Don’t be tempted to close your pool while the weather is balmy. “Temperatures should be consistently below 65 degrees to avoid algae growth”, says Nadine Nuzzo, BioGuard Water Care Expert. “In Illinois and Wisconsin, this typically doesn’t happen until early to mid-October.”

#2: Clean Your Pool and Balance Your Water

Vacuum the floor bottom, brush the sides, and water lines around the entire pool. Make sure that your pH and alkalinity levels are balanced. Alkalinity should be between 125-150 and pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6.  Balancers like Lo n Slo and Balance Pak products can help you reach these levels. Arvidson Pools & Spas offers free, computerized water testing at their Crystal Lake, Palatine, and St. Charles retail locations.

#3: Chlorine Matters

Be sure to hold a chlorine residual of at least 3 ppm BEFORE you add any closing chemicals. In fact, don’t be shy about adding chlorine. More is better than less in this case. We ask a lot of our chemicals during the long winter months, so make sure there’s enough in your pool to do the job.

#4: Cold, Stagnant Water Needs Enzyme

“An enzyme like Natural Result helps keep the water clear. It breaks down organic compounds that can build up in stagnant water over the winter. Give it an added boost by lifting the cover up in March and adding a second bottle,” said Nuzzo. Most pool owners in cold weather climates will begin opening their pools early to mid-May.

#5: Add a Winter Algaecide and Shock

Arctic Blue Algae Protector prevents the growth of green, black, and mustard algae growths and Arctic Blue Shock oxidizes and clarifies the pool water over the winter months. Another helpful BioGuard product is Pool Closing Complete.  It not only includes a powerful algaecide, but it also has other water conditioners and enzymes to provide the extra boost your pool needs over the winter months.

Next Steps for Your Pool Closing

Once the water is balanced, the pool is ready for the next winterizing steps. These steps include:

  • Clearing the water lines
  • Adding antifreeze
  • Disassembling and draining equipment
  • Winterizing lines
  • Covering the pool with a heavy-duty pool cover

Prefer A Pool Closing Service?

For pool owners with limited time or interest in closing their pool themselves, Arvidson Pools & Spas offers a Pool Closing Service. Our deluxe pool closing service includes disassembling & draining equipment, winterizing lines, installing winter plugs & gizmos, vacuuming the pool of leaves and debris, installing the owner’s cover, and adding closing chemicals.

Want to jump in the pool on that first warm day of Spring? These closing steps will help you do just that!

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