Back to School…Pool School That Is

School Pool School

The kids are back in school, tree leaves are starting to turn yellow, and there’s a different feeling in the air.

It’s time for pool owners to get back to school too!  Our hands-on workshop helps you navigate the proper way to close your swimming pool. 

Pool School: September 7

For most swimming pool owners, Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the “end of pool season.”

Many people start to think about closing down their swimming pools for the winter season.  Arvidson Pools & Spas, a recognized leader in swimming pool construction and service, offers a two-hour workshop to help owners navigate the proper way to close their swimming pool.

This year’s Pool School is Saturday, September 7, at 10 am at Arvidson Pools & Spas, 3209 S. IL Route 31 in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Pool School Training Pools

The outdoor above-ground pools at the Crystal Lake location provide the perfect training tool for Pool School.

“Attendees can get up close to the equipment and see first-hand the valves, pipes, and skimmers while we walk through the necessary steps to winterize your swimming pool,” said Arvidson Service Manager, Peter Annis.

After the pool demonstration, the session continues inside the store. You learn the proper use and application of winter chemicals.  Andrew Berg, BioGuard District Sales Manager, shares his expertise. He discusses how to address common water balancing issues and their significance during the winter months.

Pool School Perks

You save 20% on ALL BIOGUARD pool chemicals purchased during pool school!

Plus, sign up by Wednesday, September 4, and receive a FREE bottle of Stow Away when you complete Pool School. Use this product on your pool cover and pool toys to prevent mildew and mold buildup during storage. Retail value: $15

“This is the perfect time to gather information, save money on necessary chemicals, and socialize with other swimming pool owners,” said Dennis Marunde, president of Arvidson Pools & Spas. “Best of all, with the $10 store coupon, it’s basically free!”

Pool Closing Tips

If you are unable to attend this year’s Pool School, here are some pool closing tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t close your swimming pool too early. “Temperatures should be consistently below 65 degrees to avoid algae growth,” says Nadine Nuzzo, Arvidson Retail Manager and BioGuard® Water Care Expert. “In Illinois, this typically doesn’t happen until early October.”
  • Vacuum the floor bottom and brush the sides and water lines around the entire pool. Make sure your pH and alkalinity levels are balanced. Alkalinity should be between 125-150, and pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Be sure to hold a chlorine residual of at least 3 ppm BEFORE you add any closing chemicals. In fact, don’t be shy about adding chlorine. More is better in this case.
  • An enzyme like Natural Result helps keep the water clear. It breaks down organic compounds that can build up in stagnant pool water over the winter. Give your swimming pool an added boost by lifting the cover up in March and adding a second bottle.
  • Add a winter algaecide and shock. BioGuard offers these two products together in a Winter Kit with winterizing instructions.
  • Once the water is balanced, you must clear and winterize the water lines, disassemble and drain the equipment, and cover the pool with a heavy duty pool cover.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have time to winterize your swimming pool, or it sounds too difficult, Arvidson offers a Pool Closing Service. Our award-winning technicians are experienced in all facets of swimming pool care and maintenance.

Arvidson Pools & Spas has been a family owned and operated business since 1958. Now in its third generation of Arvidson descendants, you can count on the family tradition of personal integrity and quality service. Their expanded business family includes a very knowledgeable and competent staff of swimming pool, hot tub, and residential water treatment professionals.