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3 Easy Steps to Get Your Pool Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Pool owners in the Chicago-land area normally target Memorial Day Weekend to get their pool opened for the summer swimming pool season.

Although cold temperatures and rain have lasted beyond April, the sun has finally broken through the clouds.  Now’s a great time to start the preparations.  Follow these three easy steps to get your pool ready for Memorial Day weekend.

You’ll host the neighborhood’s best pool party!

Free Water Analysis

#1: Get Your Pool Ready for Chemicals

  • Check your equipment
  • Remove and properly treat your cover for storage throughout the summer months
  • Vacuum any debris that has collected during the winter months
  • Turn on pump and allow water to circulate for 24 hours before testing the water
  • Bring us a water sample for analysis and recommendations


#2: Add Recommended Chemicals to Balance Water

  • There are some great new products from BioGuard available to help jump start your pool such as Pool Opening Complete and Algae Complete. Added enhancers and clarifiers give water an extra boost to clear contaminants and lingering organics.
  • Make sure your pool is holding chlorine and your pH and alkalinity levels are stable.
  • Give yourself some time to adjust levels if needed so the pool water has time to balance out prior to the big day!

Never Miss a Moment

#3: Register for the Tru-Blue Promise for Clear Water All Summer Long

  • If you use BioGuard’ s 3-step program and a water enhancer, this is a no-brainer.
  • The Tru-Blue Promise guarantees you have clear water all season long. If you are holding chlorine and your water turns green or cloudy, we provide the remedy products at no cost to you!
  • Free to join, simply stop into any of our stores and complete the registration!

We’re here to help you make sure that you can maximize your pool time all summer long.  Our water care experts are on hand seven days a week with a wealth of knowledge to answer any questions you have about water care or pool care.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!  Reminder:  Our stores are closed on May 28 for the Memorial Day holiday, but we are here on Saturday and Sunday for any last-minute pool needs.