Year End Hot Tub Sale Provides Perfect Timing and Opportunity

Year End Hot Tub Sale Provides Perfect Timing and Opportunity

Have you waited longer than you’ve wanted before buying that beautiful, new hot tub?

“I should have done this years ago” is one of the comments we hear most frequently from current hot tub owners.  Well, the classic Nike slogan sums it up best, “Just Do It.” Our year end hot tub sale is here!

You’ll discover that 20 minutes a day in the warm water of a Caldera Spas hot tub soothes sore muscles, improves sleep, relieves stress, and provides many other health benefits.

If you’ve always wanted a hot tub, our year end hot tub sale provides the perfect timing and opportunity for you!

Year End Hot Tub Sale Ends November 4

For a limited time, you save up to $4,600 on select Caldera Spas hot tubs made possible by a generous rebate from the manufacturer.

Plus, the first 12 buyers receive an additional $300 in rebate savings! Act fast!

The Year End Hot Tub Sale ends November 4.  There are models available for 2-7 people, with or without a lounge, all featuring the exceptional comfort and performance that is the foundation of a Caldera Spas hot tub.

Why a Caldera Spas Hot Tub?

Caldera Spas feature deep, ergonomically designed seat beds that put your body in the best seating position.  The circuit therapy jet system provides massage to every pressure point giving you relief for all your muscle groups.

The design is both aesthetic and practical providing superior energy efficiency and a beautiful addition to your backyard space.

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Discover the Saltwater Experience

Did we mention the soft feel and easy care of a saltwater spa?  Caldera’s Freshwater Salt System provides luxuriously soft water that stays cleaner longer – up to an entire year (depending on usage).  The simple cartridge system makes it easier than ever to keep water fresh.

Just in Time for the Holidays – Our Hot Tub Sale

Reconnect with family under the stars without the distraction and interruption of cell phones and electronic devices.  Conversations flow naturally when you are enjoying the night sky enveloped in warm, soothing water.

Whether you are catching up on the day’s events or planning the next family outing, everyone is a bit more relaxed and willing to open up and share thoughts and feelings.

Limited Time Offer

Take advantage of special rebate pricing on a new Caldera Spa hot tub during the Year End Hot Tub Sale and save up to $4,600 on select models now.  Low monthly payments are also available on approved credit.  This special offer ends November 4. Our knowledgeable hot tub experts will help you find the perfect hot tub at the lowest price of the year.