Why Optimizer Plus

How’d you like to improve the quality of your pool water? You can have clearer, cleaner water that is protected from algae with one of our favorite pool chemicals, BioGuard Optimizer Plus! Read more

Benefits of Pool Tiger

At Arvidson’s, we really like Pool Tiger.  There are so many benefits of using Pool Tiger, and we look at them in this article.

First, the Pool Tiger helps create a healthier swimming environment. It also helps reduce your overall chemicals costs. Pool Tiger is easy to maintain. What’s more, when you use it, it can greatly reduce the need to brush your pool walls. Read more

Instant FROG Mineral Pool Sanitizer

We’re so excited to bring you the Instant FROG Mineral Pool Sanitizer! It’s the alternative way to sanitize your swimming pool.

We love the fresh approach to clean, clear water using mineral technology. Read more

When is the Best Time to Open My Pool

The official start of spring is almost here, and you may be wondering when to open your pool. Open early, close late is a good rule of thumb – check out this article as we discuss when the best time is to open your pool!
Read more

Swimming Pool by Arvidson

Looking for pool closing tips?

When colder temperatures begin to hit the Midwest, pool owners begin making the necessary preparations to close their pool for the winter season.

Follow these five important pool closing tips. You’ll find that you will also have an easier opening come spring: Read more