Benefits of Pool Tiger

Benefits of Pool Tiger

At Arvidson’s, we really like Pool Tiger.  There are so many benefits of using Pool Tiger, and we look at them in this article.

First, the Pool Tiger helps create a healthier swimming environment. It also helps reduce your overall chemicals costs. Pool Tiger is easy to maintain. What’s more, when you use it, it can greatly reduce the need to brush your pool walls.

Now let’s look at a few more benefits:

It’s Easy to Use

Pool Tiger is completely trouble-free. You don’t have to replace parts, it requires no electricity, or regular maintenance.

It is also self-cleaning. In addition to cleaning and protecting pool surfaces, pipes, accessories and equipment, the structured water it produces cleans and protects the Pool Tiger itself.

Pool Tiger Benefits

  • Kills contaminants two ways
  • Reduces the need for chlorine and other chemicals by up to 90%
  • Clarifies water by eliminating suspended particles
  • Simplifies water balancing
  • Eliminates excess cyanuric and other acids
  • Cleans scale and biofilm from pool surfaces, pipes, and equipment
  • Protects surfaces from scale and staining

Pool Tiger Reduces the Need for Chlorine

  • Kills contaminants
  • Removes suspended particles that harbor contaminants
  • Reduces excessive levels of cyanuric acid that mask the effects of chlorine
  • Provides a barrier of structured water at water’s surface that inhibits the escape of chlorine

Pool Tiger Kills Contaminants

Contaminants commonly found in pool water such as bacteria, algae, viruses and parasites (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia) expire when they are exposed to water heated to its boiling point (212° F).

Heat produced by Pool Tiger’s patented Hydrodynamic Cavitation process exceeds the boiling point. This means contaminants exposed to this heat expire instantly. In addition to heat, an anti-microbial additive present in Pool Tiger’s housing and other components kills contaminants on contact.

This additive is completely non-toxic to humans.

Due to water’s high specific heat, which is a measure of its ability to absorb heat, the heat resulting from Hydrodynamic Cavitation is quickly absorbed and thus does not raise the temperature in the pool itself to any measurable degree.

Pool Tiger is a Natural Clarifier

Pool Tiger’s all-natural process imparts a negative charge to particles in the water, making them clump together. This in turn makes them small enough to be filtered out.

This is why Pool Tiger pools are renowned for crystal clear water.

Pool Tiger is Environmentally Friendly

Because it dramatically reduces the demand for harsh chemicals and does not require replacement parts, Pool Tiger stands alone among water enhancement devices as the most environmentally friendly of all enhancement options.

Pool Tiger has a Lifetime Warranty

Pool Tiger now comes with a non-prorated full-replacement lifetime warranty for Pool Tiger owners who register their Pool Tiger purchase with the company.

This can be done by completing and returning the postage paid warranty card enclosed with every Pool Tiger.

Unregistered Pool Tigers carry an automatic five-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

The Pool Tiger is durable because it is made from hardy thermoplastic and has no moving parts. The self-cleaning Pool Tiger is designed to last.

According to the company, the original prototypes are still producing the same kinds of results they did when they were first installed more than twenty years ago.

Interested in adding the Pool Tiger to your pool? Contact us today!