When is the Best Time to Open My Pool?

When is the Best Time to Open My Pool

The official start of spring is almost here, and you may be wondering when to open your pool. Open early, close late is a good rule of thumb – check out this article as we discuss when the best time is to open your pool!

Thank goodness, it’s that time of year again! Goodbye, winter, and hello, spring! If like most of us around Arvidson’s you’re itching to open your pool, you aren’t alone. So, when is a good time to open your pool?

First, it’s a personal decision. And, second, there are some reasons to consider doing it sooner than later. Let’s look at the reasons to open your pool earlier than later.

You Avoid Algae

If you want too long to open your pool, you risk running into algae. Why? Algae likes warmer temperatures because it needs warmth to breed.

For example, if you have a mesh winter cover that lets the sun shine through, algae can become a real risk.

What’s more, the earlier you open your pool before it gets hot, the more likely you are to have a cleaner, clearer pool.

If you open your pool and see algae, bring us a water sample. We’ll test it for free and tell you just what you need. Pool shock is always a good idea when algae is present.

You Can Swim Earlier

If you open your pool early, you can swim in it earlier, and you can enjoy a longer pool season.

Your kids will be so glad to jump in the pool. It reminds them that summer is around the corner. Also, if you swim for fitness, you can also start using your pool sooner.

To really enjoy your pool in the spring, consider a pool heater. It helps extend your season in the spring and the fall.

You Save Money

You may think it’s more expensive to open your swimming pool early. It can actually save you money.

Why? The earlier you open your pool, the less likely you are to run into costly issues, especially if you closed your pool properly last winter. You won’t have to spend as much money cleaning your pool and on chemicals.

You Can Control Pollen

Are you a spring allergy sufferer? If so, you know how frustrating pollen is in the pool.

For people who don’t open their pools early, pollen can get under the cover and into the water. If your water isn’t circulating, that can cause you major problems when you do open your pool.

If your pool is open, you can relax, because your pool water is circulating. Any pollen that falls in ends up in your skimmer and ultimately your filter. Don’t forget to clean your filter regularly.

You Enjoy the Ambiance

There’s nothing better than looking out the window into your backyard and seeing sparkling pool water in the sun.

It gives you a sneak peak into the joys of summer, and you can start enjoying it earlier.

Consider the April poolside parties with great BBQ and friends and family.

The sooner you get your swimming pool going, the sooner you can enjoy your backyard retreat.

Final Thoughts

Your first pool party is right around the corner. And backyard ambiance can be yours sooner than later.

The time to open your swimming pool is here! Our expert service team is on hand to help you open your pool. If you’re ready to get on our schedule, you can now sign up and pay online!