Making Family Connections

Making Family Connections

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day especially when it comes to connecting with your family? Are you so busy that quality time is just wishful thinking?

Let’s look at the benefits of a hot tub for making family connections.

Hot Tubs are Relationship Builders

There’s some good news! Melissa Milkie, a sociologist at the University of Toronto, provides some insight. In her 2015 study she reports, “Building relationships, seizing quality moments of connection, not quantity is what emerging research is showing to be most important for both parent and child well-being.”

It appears we don’t need more time. Instead, we need to ramp up the quality of the time we have. Let’s explore how a hot tub creates the quality moments of connection you desire.

Ditch the Digital

Americans spend 11+ hours a day using electronic media. Look no further than your hot tub for the perfect excuse your family needs to unplug from electronic devices.

It’s a forgone conclusion that most electronic devices don’t do well underwater or in moisture-rich environments. And you thought nothing could break the bond a teenager has with a phone! It’s healthy for everyone to unplug on occasion so we can plug into new and meaningful experiences.

Set a Date for Hot Tub Night

If you hear yourself say, “We should really do that,” take the next step. Do it! Pull out your calendar, pick a date that works for the family, and “ink” it.

Most of us know that organized events have a much higher likelihood of happening. Everyone loves an impromptu gathering on occasion. But let the law of averages work in your family’s favor. Make a plan. Your family’s quality time deserves a solid place on your calendar.

Give Your Hot Tub an Important Spot

Have you ever noticed the way people gather in the kitchen during parties? There’s no reason why your hot tub can’t be the focal point of your family gathering. Set up the event with this in mind.

Coordinate the food and drinks near your hot tub. Guide family members outside for a new perspective. Outdoor heaters help create a year-round environment. Eat. Drink. And later, hot tub. Now that’s a perfect event.

Have Your Kids Cook

The goal is to create an engaging experience for the entire family. Set up an opportunity to expand your kids’ cooking skills – no matter their ages.

Once you set your date tell them about your great idea. They might take some convincing especially if they’re teenagers.

You’ll be there to help them each step of the way. That’s how you create those quality moments of connection. In case things don’t go as planned you can always order pizza.

Final Thoughts

The 2015 study mentioned above says the best time to spend with family members is when you’re not stressed, sleep-deprived, or anxious. More good news. Hot tubs help alleviate stress, improve sleep and provide meditative relaxation.

Your entire family benefits from the time you spend in a hot tub. Buying a hot tub is an investment in the quality of you and your family’s health.

If you’re ready to explore your options, you’ll find us ready to help! Get in touch today, and we’ll guide you through the hot tub buying journey.

Source: Caldera Spas