Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter

As summer gives way to autumn and evening temperatures start to dip, hot tub owners anticipate slipping into the warm, inviting water on the cool, crisp fall and winter nights ahead.  But is your hot tub ready for winter? These six steps make the difference!

Follow these steps to get your hot tub in tip-top shape for the cold months ahead: Read more

Six Tips to Make Your Winter Hot Tub Experience Amazing

Winter has arrived bringing frosty temperatures, white snow-covered landscapes and cheerful holiday gatherings with friends and family.

It’s also one of the favorite times of year for hot tub owners to enjoy the unique experience of bracing the cold trip to their backyard hot tub before sinking into the comfort of swirling, warm water.

As you watch the steam float into the evening air, you can almost catch a glimpse of snow-capped mountains in the distance… or at least imagine it!

Whether you are a veteran winter-time soaker or are building up the courage to try it for the first time, here are six tips to make your winter hot tub experience amazing: Read more