4 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

4 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Did you know? According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. One person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.

It’s American Heart Month, and that means it’s time to talk about heart health. In this article, we look at how a heart tub can help you improve your hot health.

#1: You Get a Cardiovascular Workout

When you step into your hot tub and immerse yourself in the water, your body temperature rises. This makes your blood vessels dilate, and your circulation gets better. This means your heart gets a cardiovascular workout when you’re sitting in your spa. This is very different than sitting in a chair and watching television.

You’ll find that with better blood flow, more oxygen rich blood flows to your muscles, and this includes your heart muscle.

What’s more, you can do a water workout in your hot tub. Working out in water is easy on muscles and joints, and it’s good for your heart!

#2: Hot Tubs Can Lower Blood Pressure

Another benefit of a daily hot tub soak is you may lower your blood pressure.

How does this happen? By spending time in the hot tub, the water warms the blood in your blood vessels. This in turn pumps blood into your organs and the deep muscle tissue. This creates healthy vessel dilation.

Once you increase your heart rate in a healthy way, you may lower your blood pressure as your body cools.

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Heart health starts today!

#3: Hot Tubs May Can Lower Stress Levels

One of our favorite benefits of hot tub soaking is the soak’s ability to lower your stress levels.

First, you’re outside enjoying fresh air and the ambiance of your backyard retreat. Second, you are either soaking alone and enjoying the meditative, relaxing experience, or you’re soaking with friends or family and enjoying time together.

When you are immersed in hot water, your body relaxes immediately because of the hot water hydrotherapy and the massaging jets. Your stress level is reduced, and you are happier. Wellness is at hand.

#4: Hot Tubs Help You Sleep Better

Finally, you know how important a good night’s sleep is. People who sleep better are well-rested and able to take on what the day throws at them. In addition, when you sleep better, your body functions better. This includes your heart.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, consider soaking in your hot tub about an hour before bedtime. This readies your body for bed, and you’ll find you sleep better. This leads to better cardiovascular health.

Your heart is the only heart you have. In fact, it’s the most important organ in your body. So, during American Heart Month, take this time to make a goal to use your hot tub more each week. And if you don’t have one, come see us at one of our three locations today! We can help you find a spa that fits your budget and your lifestyle!