10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard

You may know the exceptional benefits of hot tubbing. These include relaxation and wellness, as well as physical and emotional benefits. Once you’ve decided to purchase a hot tub, you want to create the perfect backyard space to highlight your new spa.

We’ve put together 10 tips for creating the perfect backyard.

Light up your path for extra ambiance, day or night!

#1: Create a Path to Your Hot Tub

The best thing you can do is create a pathway from your home to your hot tub. You want this to be easily accessible in all types of weather. You’ll find that by doing this, you will use your hot tub much more.

In addition, consider framing your hot tub with greenery that also accents the path to and from your hot tub. This also makes the backdrop more pleasing.

You can use concrete, flagstones, pavers, or any hard surface that suits your backyard aesthetic. You may steer away from gravel because that’s tough on bare feet.

#2: Use Outdoor Lighting

Create ambiance around your hot tub with lighting. This doesn’t break the budget, and it adds a lot of backyard appeal.

You can use a combination of lighting to really make a splash. For example, use inground path lighting to illuminate the way to your hot tub. This is really beautiful at night.

Then, string some lights either in the trees, around the house, or in a pergola above your hot tub.

You can even go one step further and add some lanterns at the steps of your hot tub for an extra personal touch.

Creating a cozy seating area for friends and family of all ages.

#3: Create a Seating Zone

Another way to create the perfect backyard is to add a seating zone around or hot tub or near it. The goal here is to create a “vacation” spot right in your backyard. This helps keep the conversation going whether people are in or out of the hot tub.

You can add a sofa or lounge chairs and even a side table or two. This adds some extra style and ambiance to your space. It’s inviting and gives everyone a place to sit, eat, chat, and relax.

Now everyone has a spot whether they are inside or outside of the hot tub.

A cover lifter makes life so much easier!

#4: Add a Cover Lifter

It’s a proven fact that hot tub owners who have a cover lifter use their spa more often. This, combined with a well-placed hot tub, make everyday relaxation and wellness easy to obtain.

A cover lifter makes it effortlessly easy to open your hot tub. They are also attractive and well-designed to make your life easier.

#5: Add a Fire Pit

We love fire pits in the backyard. They are a great way to add some comfort (and romance!) to your backyard. What could be better than sitting by a cracking fire after your hot tub soak?

#6: Think About Sun and Shade

It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer, so you want to make plans to use your Caldera hot tub all year long.

You can protect yourself from the elements with a gazebo, pergola, umbrella, or canopy. Just make sure that you can easily raise and lower it and adjust it as needed.

#7: Add Plants

We touched on this earlier, but it’s a great idea to add a natural feel around your hot tub. What’s more, trees and shrubs provide privacy as well as beauty and even shade.

Plants can also muffle any street noise to create a sheltered, private space for your backyard retreat.

#8: Add Comfort Elements

Instead of bringing the outdoors in, bring the indoors out!

Consider adding decorative elements like pillows, soft blankets, and candles. This makes your backyard retreat super cozy and just as welcoming as your living room.

#9: Plant a Garden

In addition to the trees and shrubs, plant a small garden near your hot tub or set out potted plants placed strategically around your spa.

This might be flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. You’ll love the joy of growing your own flowers and food.

#10: Don’t Forget the Dining Table

Finally, don’t forget the table and chairs for al fresco dining during the spring, summer, and fall.

A weekend barbecue, coffee in the mornings, and a mid-day lunch as perfect when you do it outside!

Final Thoughts

Ready to spend more time outdoors? You now have our 10 tips for creating the perfect backyard.

At Arvidson Pools and Spas, we can help you create the perfect backyard with a new hot tub, swimming pool, or swim spa. Contact us today to learn how you can spend more time enjoying your backyard while feeling better every day!