Wellness Is Worth the Wait

Wellness Is Worth the Wait

Is wellness worth the wait? We absolutely think so, and in this article we look at why.

The Year of the Home

This past year has taxed our lives in ways large and small. Spending time at home has taken on a whole new meaning as we look to find something, anything that makes life fun again!

This is probably why there has been a surge in home upgrades like never before. In fact, 2020 has been coined “The Year of the Home.”

Many people are adding a new pool in their backyard. Others are bringing the benefits of water right into their backyard patios or decks with a hot tub.

Having a hot tub provides a comfortable spot where the whole family can relax. It’s a spot to take a break from endless emails and video calls.

Greet the day with a cup of coffee and an invigorating soak. Later, melt away stress with a warm water massage that prepares you for a good night’s sleep. A hot tub won’t change the world. But it will help you face life’s challenges with gratitude and grace.

Wellness Is Worth the Wait

When Can I Start?

Once you’ve had a chance to compare models, and you’ve researched the many hydrotherapy benefits to the mind and body, we can help you select a hot tub that matches your needs.

Because of the current situation, demand for all kinds of backyard items and fitness equipment – including hot tubs, pools, patio furniture, bicycles and trampolines – has skyrocketed. At the same time, manufacturers are faced with reduced factory capacity due to social distancing mandates. Many are having difficulty getting parts and materials due to supply chain issues.

Watkins Wellness®, the manufacturer of the Caldera spas that we offer, continues to lead the industry in spas sold and manufactured. They are sending out multiple shipments each day, but wait times for Caldera spas are also impacted by the current situation.

We have proactively pre-ordered multiple truckloads of hot tubs from Watkins and are receiving regular deliveries throughout the year.  By putting your name on one of these pre-ordered hot tubs, you’ll be ahead of the curve in the time it takes to get into warm water.

Wellness Is Worth the Wait

No One Likes Waiting

It’s hard to be patient, but here are a few thoughts to help put things in perspective:

  • Waiting is hard but settling for less than what you want is worse. Each time you admire the sleek design or experience our patented circuit massage, you’ll be glad you didn’t compromise. We think Watkins Wellness team member, Scott Iverson, says it best. In this short video, he explains why your Caldera spa is worth the wait!
  • Right now, we could all use something to look forward to. While waiting for your hot tub might not seem like a benefit, many people find that delaying pleasure provides an extra happiness boost. You wouldn’t expect to book a big family vacation and jet off the next day. You also wouldn’t host a big wedding a week after you say “yes” to a marriage proposal. Enjoy the days leading up to the delivery of your Caldera spa. Anticipating the first family soak or planning the details of your new daily ritual will make its arrival that much sweeter.
  • A Caldera spa is an investment in your mental and physical well-being. You may have to wait a bit longer to receive your spa, but once it arrives, you’ll enjoy the wellness benefits of a daily hot tub ritual for years to come.
  • Careful planning will ensure a stress-free installation. Take advantage of the extra time by exploring our handy pre-delivery guide. It includes everything you need to pick the perfect site for your spa, make sure it meets electrical requirements, and prepare for delivery.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve already ordered your Caldera spa, we understand how tough it is to wait, and we appreciate your patience. If you have questions about your specific spa order, we are always here to provide you with an update. Thank you for your patience. Our goal is to get your hot tub to you as soon as we possibly can!

If you are ready to find your perfect hot tub, take this quiz and we’ll help you uncover the many wide and varied benefits you’ll enjoy in a new hot tub from Arvidson Pools & Spas. It’s wellness worth the wait!