Why You’ll Love a Saltwater Hot Tub

Why You'll Love a Saltwater Hot Tub

Have you ever been in a swimming pool and noticed the soft feel of the water?

If so, it was most likely a salt water pool which has been a growing trend in the pool industry over the past decade.  Salt water provides softer-feeling water and because the salt cells in a salt water system only produce chlorine as needed, less maintenance is required when compared to traditional chlorinating systems.

This same experience is now available in Caldera Spas with the introduction of the Freshwater Salt System on all 2019 Utopia and Paradise models available exclusively at Arvidson Pools & Spas with locations in Crystal Lake, Palatine, and St. Charles.

Here’s why you’ll love a saltwater hot tub.

The FreshWater™ Salt System

What is the The FreshWater™ Salt System?

The FreshWater™ Salt System features a unique, patent-pending design that automatically generates chlorine from salt. This keeps your water clean and fresh up to a full year.*

The FreshWater™ Salt System is unique and the first of its kind with an in-line and disposable design that’s easily accessible from the top of the spa. You can change the cartridges without having to drain the spa or call a service technician.

wellness retreat

How to Improve Your Health in a Hot Tub

Because Caldera Spas are easy to maintain, you spend more time enjoying it! Extra time in the spa means more time enjoying the wellness benefits that come with regular hot tub use.

These include better sleep, reduced stress, better circulation, reduced muscle tension, and time to reconnect with family.  In fact, the one thing most hot tub owners say is that they wish they would have bought their hot tub years earlier!

Saltwater Hot Tub Sale

Save Now: The Big Saltwater Hot Tub Sale – July 5-15, 2019

Why wait to start your wellness journey with a new saltwater hot tub?

During the Big Saltwater Hot Tub Sale, you could save up to an additional $1,300 on upgrades at Arvidson Pools & Spas including:

  • The Freshwater Salt System
  • Cover Lifter
  • Step Upgrades on select models

*Factors such as bather load and water chemistry can impact water life. When the spa is properly maintained, a three-pack of cartridges with the FreshWater Salt System keeps water clean and fresh for up to a full year.