Service Manager Position


The purpose of this position is to perform administrative tasks, managerial and customer relations functions, and technical duties of the Service Department at the Crystal Lake Branch (headquarters). Administrative tasks include scheduling, job progress, inventory control, receiving paperwork and billings. Managerial functions include training and development of department personnel, coaching, and discipline. Customer relations functions include receiving phone calls, solving callers’ problems, providing information, meeting with customers, and resolving billing discrepancies. Performance of technical duties concerning routine and non-routine repairs and installations of all types of equipment or products which the service department is required to support.


  1. Performs administrative tasks.
  2. Receives requests for service work of all types and schedules work according to policy or based on own judgement as necessary.
  3. Arranges work assignments based on qualifications of available personnel and consideration of geographic service zones, efficiency, and customer needs.
  4. Reviews all time sheets, daily job reports, and invoices to ensure accurate record of time, materials, and other costs on paperwork of the department.
  5. Prepares Service Bids and Contracts for presentation to customers including vinyl liner replacements and repairs, repaints, skimmer and underground line repairs, heater replacements, etc.
  6. Receives all Service Contracts prepared by others and reviews them for accuracy and completeness before delivery to customers.
  7. Reviews all out-going correspondence of the department and checks for accuracy.
  8. Receives from Service Technicians and processes through to Main Office (Crystal Lake) all payments collected from the field earlier that day.
  9. Ensures that proper maintenance procedures for all department vehicles are followed and that trucks are kept in proper working order at all times, including monthly mileage charts.
  10. Makes sure that employees of the service department follow company procedures concerning the cleaning of all trucks and the removal and proper disposal of all garbage from vehicles.
  11. Ensures proper inventory control by enforcing transfer, billing, purchasing, and all other inventory-related transactions within the department on a daily basis.

Performs Managerial Functions of the Department.

  1. Maintains regular morning office hours to clarify and/or resolve and questions of the Service Technicians as they arrive to begin their day.
  2. Conducts regularly scheduled Service Dept. meetings. Prepares Agenda for these meetings in advance for information of supervisors. Also uses other appropriate methods to maintain open communications between self and other employees of the department.
  3. Coordinates work assignments with Service Department Manager at Palatine Branch, Project Managers and/or Swimming Pool Construction Production Manager so that all of the departments’ labor force is efficiently and effectively utilized.
  4. Oversees proper training and development of departmental employees. Ensures that work assignments are varied, and provide adequate opportunities for all employees to benefit from exposure to many aspects of the work of the department.
  5. Assigns Trainees to Service Technicians for “on-the-job” training or assistance as needed.
  6. Makes suggestions to Supervisors concerning seminars and workshops which may be useful for the development of personnel expertise.
  7. Handles disciplinary situations according to company policy and own discretion as appropriate.
  8. Recommends individuals for hiring, promotion, or discharge as appropriate.
  9. Supervises the work (on occasional basis) of part-time Service Office Assistant and coordinates this supervision with Operations Manager.
  10. Participates in the Annual Strategic Planning Process as requested.
  11. Responsible for implementation of the Department’s Annual Strategic Business Plan.

Handles customer relations of the department.

  1. Handles telephone calls from customers on a continuous, daily basis. Answers their questions, provides information, and otherwise attempts to help customers as needed.
  2. Returns customer phone calls in a timely manner (same day). Records results of phone calls (marks record as appropriate – No Answer; Left Message; etc.).
  3. Conducts all activities of the division in a manner which promotes a positive image of the company to employees as well as customers.
  4. Responds in a timely manner to customer requests for bids on various types of service contract work. Discusses situations with customers in person or by telephone. Visits the job site when necessary. Prepares bid proposals according to company procedures and submits to Supervisor (as requested) for approval. Submits a proposal to the customer for acceptance. Answers customer questions or provides additional information or follow-up as needed.
  5. Utilizes a combination of own judgement and company policies and procedures in resolving jobsite problems and/or misunderstandings.
  6. Accesses the computer message system daily to receive and respond to all messages.
  7. Enforces collection of outstanding account balances of the department.

Performs Technical Functions.

  1. Maintains working knowledge of the work of the division by scheduling service work for self as well as subordinates.
  2. Serves as a technical reference point (sounding board) for department personnel. Provides answers to questions or solutions to problems based on own knowledge and experience or through other contracts or references.
  3. Remains abreast of changing technologies and/or methods and utilizes these, when appropriate, in the work of the division.
  4. Familiarizes self and others with new products as appropriate.

Performs miscellaneous functions of the division.

  1. Attends in-house meetings as directed or requested.
  2. Call non-regular department meetings to discuss various issues or attain urgent information as needed.
  3. Completes all paperwork in a timely (daily), efficient, and thorough manner.
  4. Maintains neatness within the office, parts room, and service areas in the building.
  5. Attends outside meetings, seminars, conventions, etc., as necessary, or as requested by the President.
  6. Suggests, designs, develops, and if approved, implements new systems, processes, methods, or lines of business.
  7. Undertakes various projects and/or work assignments as requested or assigned by the President.


  1. This position is one of seven reporting directly to the President. It has contact with customers of the department, Division Managers, all employees of the department, office staff, retail staff, sub-contractors, and some vendors.
  2. The person in this position impacts on the image and professionalism of the corporation to all customers and the local market in general. This person represents the corporation as part of the on-going contact between customers and the company. The position has a major impact on the customers’ ultimate satisfaction with the company and their willingness to recommend all divisions of the company to others. The position also impacts on the efficiency and morale of the employees of the department.
  3. This position is a middle management position, requiring minimum supervision concerning the normal and routine activities of the department. The position is guided in the work by thorough technical knowledge as well as the objectives, policies, procedures, and precedents of the department. The incumbent in the position is expected to demonstrate sound judgment and honesty in decision-making as well as advanced problem-solving skills. Although Company Officers are readily available to assist in decision making, the incumbent is encouraged to think through decisions to be made and have some plan of action in thought before approaching them for assistance and is responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities of the position on own initiative and for setting own priorities within broad guidelines established by management.
  4. The work of this position requires broad technical knowledge and some work experience in swimming pool maintenance and repair. Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and water chemistry are all required. Strong interpersonal and communications skills are essential, as well as thoroughness, attention-to-detail, time management, honesty, integrity and poise. Common sense, well-organized, and ability to work under pressure are all required.